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The ATO has given Small Businesses until 30 june to be Superstream compliant. 

We're Not Kidding.

What's that? You Didn't know? You're not alone.

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A recent study found that 1 in 3 small businesses are not ready. Is your's one of them?

Direction Accounting has always been there for small businesses and we want to make sure that you have no hassles in the lead up to the ATO deadline. So we have put together our SuperStreamReady program to help you out.

What is SuperStream?
SuperStream is a standard for processing superannuation data and payments electronically. Whilst large businesses have had to be compliant since last year, it's now time for smaller employers (< 20) to comply. Come 30 June and you will simply not be able to make super contributions for your employees by old school methods.

How Does "SuperStream Ready" Work


Simply click here to register for your session.

You will be asked to enter some basic contact details and our team will then contact you by phone to book in your session. Don’t worry, the initial signup is free and takes less than 2 minutes. The cost of the SuperStream onsite session (Step 3) is only $297. That's amazing value for giving you peace of mind and removing the hassles with the ATO.



Your SuperStream Diagnostic

Shortly after registering, you will receive an email containing your Superstream diagnostic. This is a simple questionnaire to ensure we cover everything on the day. It must be completed before your session, so best to get it done straight away and off your plate.



The SuperStream Ready Session - Only $297

Your advisor will come onsite and go through the steps necessary to be ready by 30 June allowing you to get on with running your business. If you need additional systems to complete the process, we will guide you in the right Direction (yeah yeah all puns intended.)


Register NOW! Only $297

Click Here to Register for SuperStream Ready»